1965 Ford F100 “Old Blue”


7/8/13:  My little brother, Michael inherited “Old Blue” from my grandpa.  Inherited meaning got it from my grandpa to restore before he passed away in January 2015.  “Old Blue” was the name everyone referred to this 1965 Ford F100.


It had sat in my grandparents yard for years after it stopped working and had a camper attached to it still.  Michael had the ambition to fix it up and one time while visiting them up in Sacramento he brought it back down on a trailer with my parents.


Michael having graduated high school pursued an AS degree in Automotive Technology at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) and worked on other automotive projects during that time.  Lots of PB Blaster was used on this truck to loosen all the nuts and bolts.


He learned how to set points and adjust the timing; like I had learned with my VW Bug years earlier.


Michael and I worked on it a few times when he needed more than two hands.  I sprayed fuel down the carburetor while he worked the throttle and used wires to bypass the ignition to the starter.  We got it to run for a little bit here and there.

Spraying down the carb

Michael eventually got it running again and drove it regularly around town.  I used it once when I went to visit as a transportation to haul kayaks to the beach and back.


It has some more work, but for right now it runs and can be used as a truck.