10/8/10:  Had a small incident on our private road with another vehicle on a blind corner.  We ended up fixing our own cars without involving insurance.  The car I was driving at the time was a 1988 Toyota Corolla.  My front right fender hit the other driver’s front left end as they were coming up and I was going down the road on a corner.


The damage wasn’t super bad and I was able to make a makeshift lens cover unit I found a replacement.


At Steelhead junkyard in Santa Barbara, California I found a similar year Corolla undamaged in the front right area.  I was able to score it for $150 with the lens included.  It was an easy swap and you can barely tell the color difference.


8/12/12:  Another time when I had come back from college we found that the brake light was stuck on and you had to tap the brake several times to get it to shut off.  We found that a really small rubber stopper was needed on the actually brake light switch under the dashboard/above the brake pedal.



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